Who are We?

Have we told y’all who we are?
Maybe some of you already know.
We’re a mother-n-law and daughter-n-law team!
I’m Ashley, the daughter. That handsome hunk down there making me look better than I do, is my husband (Michelle’s only son, lucky me)!
We have three sweet boys and a little girl.
I’m a SAHM and I want purpose. As much as these kiddos require from me, I just felt like I needed more and I truly wanted to make myself and my husband proud.
We want to provide quality and unique items for women like us who don’t want to go to the stores (have you ever taken 4 kids to the store? 😩) and don’t want to pay ridiculous amounts for clothing and accessories.
That’s why we do this! Obviously fumbling through all the cute clothes and jewelry is a perk. We saw a need for more Plus size options and that's our main focus. Starting this began as a hobby and has grown to be who I am. I have never been happier working as I am now, working with all our wonderful customers and helping you feel more beautiful with each item. Feeling good starts with looking good. 
We’re just Two Hippy Souls wondering what we can do to help you and what we can do to improve?
Thank y’all, from the very bottom of our hearts for supporting us! For being a part of our little dream! Small business are hard and they require lots of work, but we’re determined to continue giving you guys and this business our all!
Ashley Jeffcoat
Two Hippy Souls, LLC